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Are you looking for a table for table football, also known as foosball or table footie? Then you'll surely know that Jupiter is a household name. Jupiter has dominated the Belgian market from the beginning and is to this day the most-played table in Belgium. The Belgian competitions are played on the GoldStar, the Rolls Royce from our range, and the HomeStar.

Why buy directly from Jupiter?

Test and compare

You are welcome to come to our showroom in Zutendaal to test and compare our Jupiter football tables.

Cut out the middleman

You're at the source. You can order your Jupiter football table directly from the manufacturer, JGC Café Games.

Free Delivery

Your Jupiter football table will be delivered free of charge in Belgium and skilfully installed by our professionals.


For all your questions or telephone orders, we are available on +32 (0) 89 620 300

  • Fits any interior
  • Ideal for at home or in the company canteen
  • Plays like in a pub
  • Personalisation possible
  • 100% Jupiter quality

Technical specifications

Weight65 kg
Width131 cm
Length142 cm
Height97cm without lighting, 126cm with lighting
Power14W – 230V – 0.06A, only needed for optional LED lighting


All original parts for your Jupiter table can be ordered from us.

Large stock

We almost always have all the football tables in stock at our warehouse. This enables us to deliver quickly.


A Jupiter in the office or in the canteen? Stylish and suitable for intensive use.


Your Jupiter football table can be delivered in your full house style if you so wish.

Would you like to come and test and compare our football tables, with no obligation?

You are most welcome to come to our showroom in Zutendaal during our office hours to test and compare our Jupiter football tables. Our professionals are always ready to answer all your questions. Would you prefer to come in the evening or at the weekend? Then please contact us for a no-obligation appointment.

+32 (0) 89 620 300


Jupiter is produced by JGC Café Games

Jupiter has dominated the Belgian market since its emergence. The first tables were already legendary and could be found everywhere in pubs, youth centres, etc. Over the years, these tables have been improved again and again to increase the fun of playing and to improve the technical features. Even today, this is the most frequently played table in Belgium and even the national and regional leagues are played on it.

JGC is the original manufacturer of the Jupiter football tables that can be found in pubs all over Belgium. In addition to its Jupiter football tables, JGC is of course also known for its wide range of various pub games, such as bingo machines, slots, billiards and darts.


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