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Jupiter games BV neemt de bescherming van uw gegevens serieus. Jupiter games BV zal jouw persoonsgegevens altijd verwerken in overeenstemming met de geldende wet- en regelgeving.

Jupiter games BV: Privacy Verklaring.

We see it as a great responsibility to protect your privacy.

www.jupiter-tafelvoetbal.be respects the privacy of visitors to its website, in particular the rights of visitors with regard to the automated processing of personal data. For the sake of complete transparency with our customers, we have therefore formulated and implemented a policy with regard to these processing operations themselves, their purpose and the opportunities for those concerned to exercise their rights to the best of their ability.

For any additional information concerning the protection of personal data, please visit the Data Protection Authority's website: https://www.privacycommission.be/

Until you accept the use of cookies and other tracking systems on the website, we will not place non-anonymised analytical cookies and/or tracking cookies on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
By continuing to visit this website, you are accepting the following terms of use.

The current version of the privacy policy available on the website is the only version applicable for as long as you visit the website, until a new version replaces the current version.

Article 1 – Legal provisions

  1. Website (hereinafter also referred to as "The website"): www.jupiter-tafelvoetbal.be
  2. Verantwoordelijke voor de verwerking van persoonsgegevens (Hierna ook: "De beheerder"): Jupiter games BV, gevestigd te Oosterring 27, 3600 Genk (België), kvk-nummer: 69797137.

Article 2 – Access to the website

Access to the website and its use is strictly personal. You will not use this website and the data and information provided on it for commercial, political or advertising purposes, or for any commercial offers and in particular not use it for unsolicited electronic offers.

Article 3 – The content of the website

All brands, images, texts, comments, illustrations, (animated) pictures, video imagery, sounds, as well as all technical applications that can be used to make the website work and more generally all components used on this site, are protected by law through intellectual property rights. Any reproduction, repetition, use or adaptation, by any means whatsoever, of all or part thereof, including technical applications, without the prior written consent of the person responsible, is strictly prohibited. If the controller does not immediately take action against any infringement, this cannot be interpreted as tacit consent or the waiving of legal proceedings.

Article 4 – Website management

For the proper management of the website, the controller may at any time:

  • suspend, interrupt or restrict access to all or part of the website for a particular category of visitors
  • remove any information that could disrupt the functioning of the website or violate national or international legislation or Internet etiquette
  • make the website temporarily unavailable in order to carry out updates

Article 5 – Responsibilities

Under no circumstances will the controller be held responsible for any failure, malfunction, difficulty or interruption in the operation of the website, as a result of which the website or one of its functions is not accessible. The way in which you connect to the website is your own responsibility. You should take all appropriate measures yourself to protect your equipment and your data against, among other things, virus attacks on the Internet. In addition, you are responsible for the websites and the data you consult on the Internet.

The controller is not liable for any legal proceedings brought against you:

  • due to the use of the website or services accessible via the Internet
  • for violating the terms of this Privacy Policy

The controller is not responsible for any damages that you or third parties or your equipment incur as a result of your connection to or use of the website. You will refrain from any action against the controller as a result.

If the controller becomes involved in a dispute as a result of your use of this website, it is entitled to recover from you any damages it has suffered and will suffer as a result.

Article 6 – The collection of data

Uw gegevens worden verzameld door Jupiter games BV en (een) externe verwerker(s). Onder persoonsgegevens worden verstaan: alle informatie over een geïdentificeerde of identificeerbare natuurlijke persoon; als identificeerbaar wordt beschouwd een natuurlijke persoon die direct of indirect kan worden geïdentificeerd, met name aan de hand van een identificator zoals een naam, een identificatienummer, locatiegegevens, een online identificator of een of meer elementen die kenmerkend zijn voor de fysieke, fysiologische, genetische, psychische, economische, culturele of sociale identiteit.

The personal data collected on the website is mainly used by the controller for maintaining relations with you and, if applicable, for processing your orders.

Article 7 – Your rights concerning your data

Based on Article 13, section 2(b) of the GDPR, anyone has the right of access to and rectification or erasure of their personal data, as well as the restriction of any processing concerning him or herself, and the right to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. You can exercise these rights by contacting us at info@jgc.be.

Any request to do so must be accompanied by a copy of a valid proof of identity, signed by you and stating the address at which you can be contacted. You will receive a response to your request within 1 month after the request has been submitted. This period may be extended by 2 months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests.

Article 8 – Processing of personal data

In the event of a violation of any law or regulation, of which the visitor is suspected and for which the authorities require personal data collected by the controller, these will be provided to them after an explicit and justified request by those authorities, after which this personal data will accordingly no longer fall under the protection of the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

If certain information is necessary in order to access certain website functionality, the data controller will indicate the mandatory nature of this information at the time of requesting the data.

Article 9 – Commercial offers

You may receive commercial offers from the controller. If you do not wish to receive these (anymore), then please send an e-mail to the following address: info@jgc.be or, if the offer was part of a newsletter, you can unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

If you come across any personal data during your visit to the website, you must refrain from collecting it and from any other unauthorised use, as well as from any action that violates the privacy of that person / those people. Under no circumstances is the controller responsible in the above situations.

Article 10 – Data retention period

The data collected by the administrator of the website will be used and kept for the duration as determined by law.

Article 11 – Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer's hard drive when you visit our website. A cookie contains data that allows you to be recognised as a visitor each time you visit our website. It is then possible to configure our website especially for you and to make logging in easier.

We use the following different types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies: such as session and login cookies to keep track of session and login information.:
    • Functional cookies: such as session and login cookies to keep track of session and login information.
    • Non-anonymised Analytical cookies: to gain an insight into visits to our website based on information about visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This way, we can better tailor our communication and information provision to the needs of visitors to our website.
    • Tracking cookies: such as advertising cookies that are designed to display relevant advertisements. Personal interests may be deduced from the information on websites visited. This allows organisations to show their website visitors targeted advertisements, for example. Tracking cookies make it possible to create profiles of people and treat them differently. Tracking cookies are generally used to process personal data.
      • Google AdWords (tracking cookie)
      • Facebook (tracking cookie)
      • Google Analytics (analytical cookie)
  • If you only accept functional cookies::
    • Functional cookies: such as session and login cookies to keep track of session and login information.
    • Anonymised Analytical cookies: to gain an insight into visits to our website based on information about visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This way, we can better tailor our communication and information provision to the needs of visitors to our website. We cannot see who is visiting our websites or from which PC the visit is taking place.
      • Google Analytics anonymised (analytical cookie)

When you visit our website, cookies from the person responsible and/or third parties may be installed on your equipment. For example:

  • Social Media cookies: The site includes buttons for promoting or sharing pages or items on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. These buttons contain bits of code from the social media channels themselves and only use a cookie when you want to share something. For example, this cookie remembers that you are logged in, so you do not have to log in to the social media channel every time you want to share something. To see what they do with personal data they receive with this code, please refer to the Privacy Policies of the respective social media channels.

For more information on the use, management and deletion of cookies for each operating system, we invite you to consult the following link:

Article 12 – Visual imagery and products offered

No rights can be derived from the visual imagery accompanying the products offered on the website.

Article 13 – Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Belgian law. The court in the controller's place of business will have exclusive jurisdiction in any disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions, unless a statutory exception applies.

Article 14 – How we protect personal datan

Jupiter games BV neemt de bescherming van uw gegevens serieus en neemt passende maatregelen om misbruik, verlies, onbevoegde toegang, ongewenste openbaarmaking en ongeoorloofde wijziging tegen te gaan. Deze maatregelen, waaronder versleuteling middels een SSL-certificaat zorgen voor een beveiligingsniveau dat past bij de gegevens die wij verwerken. Als u het idee hebt dat uw gegevens toch niet goed beveiligd zijn of er aanwijzingen zijn van misbruik, neem dan contact op met info@jgc.be.

Article 15 – Other provisions

Jupiter games BV kan deze privacyverklaring te allen tijde wijzigen. De laatste update dateert van Februari 2019. Jupiter games BV zal uw persoonlijke gegevens altijd verwerken in lijn met de privacyverklaring ten tijde van het verzamelen van uw gegevens.

Article 16 – Contact

For any questions, product information or information about the website itself, please contact: info@jgc.be.



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