Table football rules

Table football is a very fun game – the rules are not that complicated and the techniques are not that difficult to remember. Table football is about speed, surprise and control.


Table football rules of play

  • Aim of the game

    The game is played until one of the teams has scored 11 goals. A ball that comes back out of the goal does not count as a goal.

  • Start of the game

    Each new ball starts with the middle player on the 5-player bar. Both players should indicate that they are ready to start the game.

  • Correct kick-off

    Whenever play is started (or restarted after a break or if the ball goes out of play), the ball must be touched by two players on the same bar. Again, both teams must indicate that they are ready to start the game.

  • Handling the bars

    Rotating the bars is not allowed (max 270°). Collisions between the bar and the side should not influence the course of the game either. During the game, all hands should be on the handles.

  • Still ball

    If the ball is stationary in a place where nobody can touch it, the ball is taken to the nearest corner of the game.

  • Ball out of play

    A ball that ends up outside the field of play is brought back into play to the team that went last.

  • Time-out

    If you are in possession of the ball, you must not release the bar where the ball is lying. You can ask for a time-out to release the bar. Each team may request 1 time-out per half of the game.

  • Changing sides

    After 10 goals, the teams change sides. This way, every team gets a chance to set up. Changing places with your teammate is only allowed after a counter goal.

  • Fair play

    The players may not influence each other by e.g. making noises, shouting, movements above the playing field, laughing, aggressive behaviour or unnecessarily colliding with the side of the bar (bumping). After each match, players shake hands.

  • Winner

    By long tradition, the loser treats the winner to food or drink!


Kicker, Foosball, Futbolín, ...

Did you know that the term “Kicker”, which is synonymous with table football from the company of the same name from Switzerland, is still used in Germany, Switzerland and sometimes also in Belgium? There are some great names for table football all over the world. In the United States, table football is known as Foosball; in Germany, Tischfuβball is used as well as Kicker. In Spanish it is Futbolín, in Italian Calcio balilla or Biliardino and the French use the word Babyfoot. A bit further away in Argentina, it is called Metegol, and in Chile they say Taca-taca. West-Flemish people also use the word Bakkn from time to time.

  • Fits any interior
  • Ideal for at home or in the company canteen
  • Plays like in a pub
  • Personalisation possible
  • 100% Jupiter quality

Technical specifications

Weight: 65 kg
Width: 131 cm
Length: 142 cm
Height: 97cm without lighting, 126cm with lighting
Power: 14W – 230V – 0.06A, only needed for optional LED lighting

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