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Robust and easy-to-handle coin counting and sorting machine with three integrated output drawers.
The Conta Dividi COMPACT3 coin counting and sorting machine is the coin processing machine which stands out for its stability and strength, both in the use and in transport.
The counted coins can stay inside the three integrated drawers even on machine downtime. The choice of materials used for its construction make the COMPACT3 less noisy while working, while the standard features such as the printer and the USB port are a valid support for the management of the counting results.
The optional communication platform ARCHIMEDE can trace counting sessions, transmitting them in real time to your Office.
In addition to the Euro version (EUR), you can request your Conta Dividi for any of the EU Countries current currencies (DKK, GBP, BGN, HRK, PLN, CZK, RON, SEK, HUF) and many other non-European currencies (e.g. CHF, GEL, AUD, DOP, MUR, ARS, CLP, BHD).
If your business requires processing tokens or any particular functions, the Conta Dividi can be easily customized upon your specifications.

  • Outputs 3+1 (reject)
  • Interface USB/RS232 op aanvraag
  • Printer Standaard aanwezig
  • Gewicht 8,0 kg
  • Lengte 29,5 cm
  • Breedte 17,0 cm
  • Hoogte 30,0 cm
  • Voeding 40W – 100-240VAC

Testen en vergelijken

U bent welkom in onze showroom te Zutendaal om onze Jupiter kickers te testen en vergelijken.

Zonder tussenpersonen

U bent bij de bron. U bestelt uw Jupiter tafelvoetbal rechtstreeks bij de fabrikant JGC Café Games.

Gratis Bezorging

Uw Jupiter voetbaltafel wordt in België gratis geleverd en door onze professional vakkundig geïnstalleerd.


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